25 years of helping Finance departments be more efficient

Luc Landreville
president of Swift Finance

Why do business with us ?

We are a team of experts in Finance automation for Medium/Large Businesses.

Our mission is to help business like yours be more efficient in their end of month, end of year, planning and forecasting processes.

This is why we have created Swift Finance, a flexible and easy to use solution, that will empower your team of accountants and financial analysts.

Proven Expertise


Financial reporting, consolidation multiple charts of accounts, planning process optimization, definition of key accounting segments, integration various ERP General Ledgers, complex allocations, balancing transactions, salary planning, CAPEX, intercos and elimination companies, custom roll-ups, planning and forecasting scenarios. We understand when you talk to us and are able to quickly grasp what you want to accomplish and what are keeping you from reaching your goals.

Renown Experience


We have helped dozens of Finance departments answering the challenge of using technology to improve the efficiency of financial processes. We understand the many problems that you experience and that impact they have on your life. Problems like very tight schedule to deliver the end of month results, how to address various reporting needs, the fact that most process requires a high level of manual labor, the dependency on IT and key resources turn over rate are all very real to you. We know.

First rate support


End of month, end of year, planing and forecasting processes must be reliable and should be completed in time. We will be there at your side, today and tomorrow, and each time you will need us.

We use leading edge technology to help you retain top operating efficiency in the continuity of the processes that are key to you success. Our customers know that they can rely any time on the direct involvement of our support team that they can speak to immediately.

Swift Finance FAST TRACK®

Transform your Finance department with our proven methodology

We accompany you every step of the way during your Finance department’s transformation process.

We offer your team first rate coaching and training so they’ll be ready to use our solution.

We work with your IT department to ensure a smooth transition.



Since more than 20 years we have helped businesses of various size and verticals be more efficient in the operation of their month-end, year-end, planning and forecasting processes.

“Over the past 20 years, I have used many of the leading financial software tools and I was always disappointed with the level of involvement required from IT to make even the simplest of change. With Swift Finance, I can manage both my chart of account and my legal entities structures on my own.”- Allen Schatz, Director, Financial Reporting, Triton Digital

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